• Onsite German Course – German Grammar Trainer

    Our German Language Program is suitable for the International Certification exams. We guide our students for preparing such certificate exams, inform them about the exam dates, exam pattern and assure their best result in the exams.

  • Beginner French Course Online

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  • Mixology Courses, Bartender Hire & Training

    Balancing customer service, mixology skills and sales abilities with speed and accuracy are crucial to the success of a bartender, and ultimately the employer. A successful bartender mixes all of these skills to produce the perfect blend of storytelling, mixology and sales- in a subtle, yet powerful way. A good bartender makes awesome drinks. A great one builds a business, and has “regulars.”

  • Food Styling Tips and Tricks

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  • ” Incredable India ” Cookery Course‎

    The Indian cookery courses are Brilliant run on the weekends and all courses are one off courses which last between 3- 3 ½ hours and also include a background PowerPoint presentation on Indian foods and spices being used for the particular session. Each recipe and method is followed step by step by all candidates to ensure a smooth pace which can be easily followed by everyone.

  • Web Programming using PHP/MySQL

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  • SWIFT Coding Course

    Apple’s Swift is described as a new language that “lets everyone build amazing apps.” Now, that may be true, but you shouldn’t expect to dive in today and be sending some clone to the App Store tomorrow. As with any language, spoken or coded, learning it takes both time and effort.

  • Learn and Understand C++

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  • Objective C for Beginners

    While this course our expert iOS trainer will teach you the fundamental skills needed if you’re new to developing iOS and OS X applications. Also you will be given the option to take the exam, which if passed, will award you an Certification in Objective-C. Our smaller class sizes help ensure that you get personal attention and all of our development courses are taught by developers who have developed real-world iOS apps.

  • Photography As An Art Form

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